Who is H. E.?

Why, she is me! She is also the author of this blog. Belonging to colorful Colorado, I am every bit as clever of a girl as that raptor sneaking up on the arrogant hunter.

A newly arrived adult, I’m currently sailing the currents of that post-grad life. Where I’m meant to go, I cannot say–but I know what I’ll do will be meaningful and for a purpose.

I’ve always had a vivid imagination, creating entire realms in my backyard. All I had to do was open the screen-door, and I was there.

Inherently I had a strong affiliation with words and writing–English was always my strongest subject. But I never really considered myself a writer until I was sitting on a cabin porch one morning, feeling really dejected. I was at summer camp, and it wasn’t going well. I was homesick, tired, hadn’t showered in days, and was bullied by my fellow cabin-mates. I was too young to stand up for myself, or even realize I was being bullied. But, as I sat there doodling in the margins of my notebook, pondering what I should do I heard a distinct voice say, “Hannah, you should write.”

I have been, ever since.

Writing prose and poetry is my greatest method for artistic expression. It comes as naturally to me as breathing.

So enjoy what I have to say…or write, as it were.

“Much is expected from those to whom much is given.”

Luke 12: 48

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