Romantic Opinion

I’m going to say a bad word. Dating. Yes, that infamous, dreaded, gnarly word—dating. Any socio-health professional will tell you it’s good to date and meet new people. Developing romantic relationships, being vulnerable, establishing what you like and don’t like, is critical. Especially for young adults. That doesn’t mean it isn’t terrible. Spending time at … Continue reading Romantic Opinion

Chariots of Fire

Chariots of fire ride across the skies, propelled by gods and whim, they sail. To the south, they rip through the current. Chariots of fire, illuminated by Helios' descent. Will they consent for me to join their ranks? Chariots of fire, allow me to be a part of your race.


A torrent brews, and when it arrives-- what was known is sure to meet its demise. A torrent brews, face full of bluster, as much as the wind can muster. When a torrent brews, and when it arrives-- it is never contrived.