Woe to the Girl

Woe to the girl,

so smart and clever.

I gave her the world,

but she thought she could do better.

Of pride and men she placed her bets.

Eloi! How quickly she forgets.

How many times must I teach her this lesson?

I shall become the God of Job should she not listen.

I will purge you of your weakness,

reclaim the pile you are.

Yes, in your brokenness

I’ll reforge you in my fire.

Dispose of your wretchedness,

your vanity and recklessness.

I am the God of your people,

and I demand your attentiveness.

In you I’ve poured my wisdom,

in you I’ve poured my blood.

Take this grace and bounty,

and use it for God.

Erase who you were, take her ashes and stand.

For I know who you are,

you will remember who I AM.

Woe to the girl,

so smart and clever,

Can’t you see it is I–

who knows better?

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