Royal House Members

A catalouge of important characters within Eight Houses and the Invincible.

House of Kings:

Of Kings We Be

  • Archduke Sidling the Vindicator

House of Hornets:

Our Sting Reigns

  • Lord Avispa
  • Dunlatis the Vengeful (his brother)
  • Gallenya the Biting (his wife)
  • Zanbur (his son)

House of Marauders:

The Sea Beckons, We Answer

  • Lord Kalidross
  • Bedivere the Intrepid (his brother)
  • Kallihana the Discerning (his mother)  

House of Shadows:

Darkness Envelopes Us

  • Lord Herndon
  • Rhys the Mindful (eldest son)
  • Corbin the Wise (youngest son)

House of Hunters:

Through the Eye of Our Bow We See You

  • Lord Varlion
  • Lyrron the Decisive (his son)
  • Hella the Pursuing (his daughter)

House of Dragons:

Here Be Fire and Fang

  • Lord Wauxon
  • Cecily the Gracious (his wife)
  • Vilorette the Beseeching (his daughter)
  • Apendore (his son)
  • Scourledge the Warlock (his advisor)

House of Winter:

We Are the Storm

  • Lord Thurndaire
  • Suramire the Glacier (his brother)
  • Bellamine the Devoted (his wife)

House of Mystics:

Seeing What’s Beyond

  • Lord Abaris  
  • Gretza the Bountiful (his wife)

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