Give me the strength,

that I might not have.

Give me courage,

that I lack.

To face what’s difficult,

what’s hard to say.

I don’t want to disappoint you,

but I surely can’t lie.

I don’t want to hide,

or take the cowardly route.

But it’s diffcult to do,

because I know it’ll hurt you.

A person who loves me,

and I’ll cause them hurt.

Please understand, the hurt would be so much greater–

if I kept this a secret.

If I kept it from you.

And how could I do that?

When I love you.

So please be kind,

be patient,

and forgive.

Open your arms to me–

because I need my mother.

Need and want her on my side.

I’m still your daughter,

I’m still your girl,

and you’ll always be my mom.

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