Don’t you love,

walking into a familiar home?

Maybe it’s your parents,

or your grandparents,

your cool aunt’s,

or a just a close friend’s house.

But it’s familiar,

and it has been for as long as you can remember.

The garage code is the same,

the couch melds to your body perfectly,

and you can always find the snacks in the pantry.

But the best thing about these places,

is not the couch or the candles or the pictures on the wall–

it’s the people that occupy the space.

The family gatherings,

the soirees in the backyard,

the game nights and musical sing-alongs,

the laughter,

and the hard talks.

The memories from the past,

and the memories yet to come.

A place that’s comforting and cozy.

Your home.

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