The steep incline has her breathing heavily, the back of her legs ache under the strain.

She pushes forward, staring at the tops of her feet as she manuevers over the rocks. Every now and then she glances up at the path ahead, to see how much further she has to go. Everytime she does, she’s disappointed that she’s not closer to the top.

There’s still a long way to go.

Absently, and in a hope to distract her brain from her pounding heart and sore feet–she admires the scenery.

Spires of pines tower above, like the pillars within a cathedral. To her right is the burbles a mountain stream of an icy cold, even in the heat of summer.

Though she is grateful for the shade of the pines, she’s mostly grateful that nature has been kind to her mountains this year. Green leaves, a full stream, and life abound.

She takes a sip of water and feels brief relief scrape down her throat. The trail still winds ahead, but with wildflowers and songbirds as companions–she feels less burdened by the journey.

Eventually her efforts pay off and she reaches the top of her climb. Beyond the overlook, stretches miles upon miles of wilderness. Silently she wonders how there can be any evil in the world, with views like this. Though she feels small and insignificant in witness to this sight, she is content.

A breeze ripples through the air and buffets her air, like the earth itself just took a breath. Lifting her arms, she lets the breeze caress and hug her body–nearly blowing her cap clean off. She laughs gaily and embraces the sun’s rays.

She was lost, but now is found.

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