I went for a walk today,

just to get away from these four walls.

To see something beyond my TV, dresser, and kitchen sink.

To breathe some pine air, and hear some quiet.

To shrink away from squirrels that get to close,

because those things give me the creeps.

To wander through this labrinth,

the streets near my house.

I didn’t meet many people on the way.

Most were jogging too fast, or keeping a wide path.

But those I passed I gave a smile,

because smiles seem foreign to our lips right now.

By the time I got home, the sun was peeking through the misty clouds.

I smelled of faint sweat and outsideness.

There was a blister on my foot.

And I didn’t mind,

because it was good.

To get out of the house,

and see my neighborhood.

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