Early morning light filters through the room, I burrow further into the covers. Eyes blink open and my gaze falls upon your bare back. A warm feeling burbles from my heart. I wrap my arm around your broad chest, nestling my lips into your neck. I breath in the scent of you, stale cigarettes and … Continue reading 33


Today has been a shitty day. I spent most of this Tuesday staring at a computer screen desperately trying to appear busy at work, because I had absolutely nothing to do. Eventually, the slowest, most boring day draws to a close and I start packing my things up excitedly. Most people love that feeling of … Continue reading 35


Do you ever look in the mirror, and not quite recognize the person staring back? Like some sort of Mulan inspiration, you feel like your face doesn't represent what's inside? A stranger you don't know, a person you've never met. Its in moments of weakness that you turn away from this gaze, Its in moments … Continue reading 36


Your expression is detatched and omniscient, but you're a face I've always known. They've built military bases, mansions and shopping malls at your feet-- I wonder if that bothers you much. In autumn golden freckles adorn your cheeks, in winter frosty snow details every inch and crevice of your figure. And in summer, you dazzle … Continue reading 37