Your eyes

Your eyes consistently take my breath away.

Several years in their sight and I still stumble in their presence.

I never before thought much of hazel, besides a nice addition to the flavor of my coffee.

But now hazel is my favorite and each day I long to see it.

I love how hazel changes, dependent upon your mood or the lighting. I love to watch it glitter with mirth or joy. I am saddened when it is dull or listless.

I look forward to seeing hazel age, to growing in tandem alongside it. I look forward with calm contentment seeing hazel peek out from bushy white eyebrows and wrinkled skin.

I fear the day when I struggle to recall the nuances and details of hazel’s color.

So until then I will cherish your hazel eyes. I will write about them with adoration, as I am now.

You and your hazel eyes enchant, enthrall and subdue me. Most importantly, you and your hazel eyes love me.

And I love you.

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