The Suburban Princess She's never seen a man digging through her trash before. She's never sheepishly said "hi" to him as she placed her bag ontop of the pile before. She pedals a little faster, when she rides past those who live under the bridge. She never goes under that bridge after 5 p.m. She … Continue reading 20


Today my father handed me a face mask, not intended for exfoliating or moisturizing. It sat amongst my things as I drove home. I carried it up the stairs and placed it near my car keys-- so I won't forget to wear it when I go to the grocery store. As I turn away, I … Continue reading 21


The little girl bounces around, with that infectuous energy children often have. She smiled and twirled, her dark pony tail bouncing in the air. She jumped onto the porch swing, kicking her legs high in the air. She held a walkie-talkie to her mouth and chattered away. Who was it that heard her voice? Perhaps … Continue reading 22


Laughing over drinks, telling each other stories. Sharing in our problems, realizing neither of us know what we're doing. Sitting here for hours, talking about everything, talking about nothing. Take a sip from the margarita, and be thankful. Because when the world doesn't make sense, it's good to have friends like this.


I woke up this morning to the chirping of birds, looked out the window and saw snowy clouds falling over the mountains. Springtime flowers poke through the soil and brighten the sidewalk, grass begins to stud the brown patches. In moments like these, I'm reminded that the world keeps turning. All of man's issues and … Continue reading 24


I went for a walk today, just to get away from these four walls. To see something beyond my TV, dresser, and kitchen sink. To breathe some pine air, and hear some quiet. To shrink away from squirrels that get to close, because those things give me the creeps. To wander through this labrinth, the … Continue reading 25


In times of panic, it's hard to stay level-headed. In times of pandemic, it's hard to feel safe. Fear swirls throughout the air and on our newsfeeds. What is true, what is accurate, what do we do? Yet-- humanity is resilient, humanity is intelligent, humanity is compassionate. We rarely give ourselves credit, but we're better … Continue reading 28


Lounging on a beach, drinking a fruity drink, feeling a sunburn slowly bloom across my skin, take a dip in the push and pull of the ocean, watch as people play frisbee, walk their dog, or splash about. Sand inbetween my toes, sand in my hair, sand in my mouth, sand in my bikini bottoms. … Continue reading 29


Sweat gleams and slides across my skin. As I sit there in a pool of my own sweat, I breath in and out, waiting for my heartbeat to slow. The heat surrounds and sits over me heavily. I close my eyes, letting my mind go quiet.


Don't you love, walking into a familiar home? Maybe it's your parents, or your grandparents, your cool aunt's, or a just a close friend's house. But it's familiar, and it has been for as long as you can remember. The garage code is the same, the couch melds to your body perfectly, and you can … Continue reading 31