I woke up this morning to the chirping of birds, looked out the window and saw snowy clouds falling over the mountains. Springtime flowers poke through the soil and brighten the sidewalk, grass begins to stud the brown patches. In moments like these, I'm reminded that the world keeps turning. All of man's issues and … Continue reading 24


The steep incline has her breathing heavily, the back of her legs ache under the strain. She pushes forward, staring at the tops of her feet as she manuevers over the rocks. Every now and then she glances up at the path ahead, to see how much further she has to go. Everytime she does, … Continue reading 27


Your expression is detatched and omniscient, but you're a face I've always known. They've built military bases, mansions and shopping malls at your feet-- I wonder if that bothers you much. In autumn golden freckles adorn your cheeks, in winter frosty snow details every inch and crevice of your figure. And in summer, you dazzle … Continue reading 37


A torrent brews, and when it arrives-- what was known is sure to meet its demise. A torrent brews, face full of bluster, as much as the wind can muster. When a torrent brews, and when it arrives-- it is never contrived.