Today my father handed me a face mask, not intended for exfoliating or moisturizing. It sat amongst my things as I drove home. I carried it up the stairs and placed it near my car keys-- so I won't forget to wear it when I go to the grocery store. As I turn away, I … Continue reading 21


I woke up this morning to the chirping of birds, looked out the window and saw snowy clouds falling over the mountains. Springtime flowers poke through the soil and brighten the sidewalk, grass begins to stud the brown patches. In moments like these, I'm reminded that the world keeps turning. All of man's issues and … Continue reading 24


In times of panic, it's hard to stay level-headed. In times of pandemic, it's hard to feel safe. Fear swirls throughout the air and on our newsfeeds. What is true, what is accurate, what do we do? Yet-- humanity is resilient, humanity is intelligent, humanity is compassionate. We rarely give ourselves credit, but we're better … Continue reading 28