Hate looked me in the eye—

and I gazed back at it.

Fear hunted me from behind—

and I longed to disappear from it.

To this world I dwell in

with Corruption,

I stand on my Rock and



But still Hate watches,

Fear still bites,

and Evil lurks in my night.

Of Light and Dark I am


Of Good and Bad I merely


What am I if I adhere

 to Hate’s stare?

What am I if I let

Fear gnaw at my rear?

I draw my swords, Truth and Love—

to tackle the hate that

strikes my heart.

Let my anger be a strength

that spears,

and not a fuel that consumes.

Hate looked me in the eye

Fear hunted me from behind

That I cannot deny.

But Hope and Courage came


and Mercy made everything


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