6 a.m.

The phone barks far too soon,

critically reminding

“It’s 6 a.m., and you need a shower.”

I stubbornly remain in bed for exactly 10 minutes,

proving to my alarm that it holds only subjected power.

Soap and steam,

eyes still puffy–

I try to recall my dream,

as it slowly becomes fuzzy.

Coverstick, foundation, mascera,the quandry of eyeliner

and a sip of coffee–

so is my daily morning routine.

Staring at my clothes,

I ask them who I should be.

“Such a foolish question,” they retort.

“As always, be a Queen!”

Tilt my head to the side,

pulling on my shirt or skirt or both–

the mirror smiles with a wink….

though sometimes she shrugs with a sigh.

Either way the clock dictates it’s time to say good-bye.

Grab your shoes and your purse,

the traffic will only get worse.

Get to work and see how the day ticks quickly to noon,

and realize that 6 a.m. comes far too soon.

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